"IN & GREEN Invention Fair '2002

in Hong Kong in Oct 19-23 2002


Organised by HKIA

Hungarian Virtual Presentation

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 When I was a child, I imagined inventors to be magicians, or other wonder worker figures from fairy tales, who create mysterious machines and tools. I know by now, being a grown up that inventors are the engines of development, they are those, who not only design tools and devices that make our everyday life easier, but also bring the spark of epoch-making ideas about. 

Inventors contributed such great ideas to promoting environmental protection as well. The major areas where inventors distinguished themselves are renewable energy sources and recycling. Hungary has still a lot to accomplish for a clean and healthy environment. 

The government, local governments and businesses will need to spend a major share of their resources so that environmental protection reaches the European level. You are way ahead of us. While we struggle with the problems of the present, you have already laid out the key ideas for the future. And that is how it should be. 

I wish you productive work,

Dr. Mária Kóródi
Minister of Environment and Water

Ministry of Environment and water 

Presentation of inventions

Determination of pollution

Barkó, György dr.: Optical sensors  for environmental measurements
Börzsönyi, András dr.: Calibration of waste water flow meters
Szöllősy, János: Magnetic field detection


Csanádi, József: Recycling of used oils
Döme, Lajos - Kézsmárki, András: Recycling of raw rubber
Hoffmann, László et al: Silicate granules from glass waste
Pintér, Kálmán et al: Regeneration of used glycols
Szabó, Zoltán dr.: Recycling of scrap leather

Cleaning of waste 

Kálmán, Dániel: Treatment of waste waters originating from slaughterhouses
Kemenczky, Jenő - Komáromi, Sándor- Juhász, László: Decontamination of radioactive water
Urbán, István: Desulphuration of flue gas
Törőcsik, Mihály dr:: Cleaning of drink water

Agricultural ecology

Kálmán, Dániel: Mobilization of soil-bound Phosphorus for plants
Kertész, András: Seed cleaning
Köhler, Mihály dr.: Savage sludge treatment
Osbáth, Sándor és társai: Plant protecting forecasting equipment
Tóth, Ferenc dr. - Bayar, Kosbayar dr.: Bio-pesticide - live spiders

Environmental friendly solutions

Balogh, András: Paper furniture
Juhász, Mihály: Boiler
Polyvás, István: Wheal balance from glass
Sándor, László: Intelligent shading roof
Szunai, Miklós et al: Eco-Apartment House
Vedres, András dr.: Eco-yacht


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