2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: C-036 Category: C Country: Hungary
IFIS # 21:

1. The Invention

  • The problem to be solved: To eliminate damage and poor quality experienced in the manufacture of concretes.

  • Definition: CSANOL is a special lubricant that ensures good quality and undamaged smooth surfaces of concrete products.Composition: the emulsion consists of a mixed number of purified waste oils, additives and specific by-products of industries.

  • Presentation: When CSANOL Lubricant is applied onto wooden, metal or plastic moulds or shutters, gap-free contact is maintained between the concrete for moulding and the surfaces of the moulds or shutters. This hermetic inter-face effect enables the production of concretes with smooth undamaged surfaces. The lubricant which is applicable by brush or spray provides thin film or layer on the moulds and shutters. The layer formed is water-proof, therefore allowing products to be removed from moulds or separated from shutters easilly and undamaged.


  • Application:
    Primarily designed for application in the construction industry for the followings:
    a.) manufacture of small-size concretes
    b.) manufacture of industrial large-size concretes.
  • Advantages: - Manufactured from readily available cheap local materials
    - Reasonable consumer price can always be maintained.
    - Non-toxic to health.
    - Product maintains quality over unlimited period of time.
  • Stage of development: Product.
  • Documentation available: yes.


2. The inventor(s) 

  Name: József Csanádi

  • Self introdution: Retired technician with 35 years of experience in the fields related to his invention.

3. The protection

  • Form: Patent.
  • Priority: 1995
  • Countries where it is in force: Hungary.

4. Business intention

The patentee desires to sell licence and products of the patent abroad.

5. Contact

Name: József Csanádi
Phone: +36 52- 203 187 (in Hungarian)
In English: Venance Wapokurwa, +36 1- 251 3911