2003. 01. 01. Törőcsik Mihály dr.  Cleaning of drink water  
1. The invention: CLEANING OF DRINK WATER  

The problem solved: To clean water by adsorption   

Definition: This method is based on the use of a new adsorbent. It is consisting of a synthetic compound and a natural mineral. 

Introduction: The drinking water can be purified from arsenic, lead, cadmium, caesium, strontium, and cerium. The greatest advantage of this method is that it also eliminates bacteria in the drinking water.

Application:  Cleaning of drink water 

Advantages: High efficiently, low costs and high safety.   

Stage of development: production of adsorbents   

Available documentation: On request.   

2. The inventor: Name: Dr. Mihály Törőcsik 

Introduction: He is a scientist, his special field is the physical-chemistry of adsorbents. He has several patents and scientifical articles in this field. 

3. The protection: 

Form: patent pending (PCT/HU02/00036) 

Priority: 17. 07. 2002

4. Business purpose: licensing and sale of adsorbents

5. Contact: 

Name: Dr. Ferenc BÁNTÓ 

Fax: + 36 1 220 54 03

Telephone: + 36 1 363 7788 

E-mail: bantof@axelero.hu