2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: B-119 Category: B Country: Hungary
The process for clearance of radioactive contaminated water
The invention
  • The problem to be solved:
    Contaminated water originating from the operation of nuclear reactors and other radioactive contamination is cleared for usage of biosphere.
  • Definition:
    Any compose of elements and isotopes are selected from the contaminated water in non-solable, treatable form by using the process.
    Applying the chain of chemical and physical reaction places the most of all of radionuclides of the periodic table can be separated with the help of cheap reagents.
  • Presentation:
    The equipment achieving the process consists of many units chaining in succession. The first unit performs the phosphate removal as pretreatment of contaminated water, so this assures the safety conditions of the operation of the other units. The unit 2 and 5 bind specially harmful isotopes of cesium and tallium with one valance by using dialyzer.
    Except the first column of the periodic table the unit 3 and 4 remove all metalic ions in non-solable soap form with the help of hydrocyclone separation. The removed metalic soap is extruted on 200 oC in a spiral conveyor that could be locked. The unit 6 binds the isotope iodine and new production of its daughter elements of Bi, Po, Sb, Pb in the electrochemical dialyzer cell that can be regenerated.
    Owing to the unique solution the tritium and deuterium / oxid heavy water contents of the chemical cleared water are separeted by the dialyzer ultracyclone and molasses osmosis based on the principle of hydrocyclone and mass effect by using many cyclones in succession.
    In the next step the cleared water are infiltrated through shallow sea-weed culture which can catch actinoides, amine of Co-60 and trace of iodine, as well this step assures a verification of the whole process.
    At the end the outcoming water can be released to the surface water and soil.


  • Application:
  • Advantages:
    - manifold safety, high capacity, continuous operation
    - radioactive materials separated in non-solable, solid bar form
    - equipment with low energy consumption is also able to select tritium and deuterium/ oxid heavy water
  • Stage of development: in laboratory stage periodical operation of chemical process, continuously flowing through system, plan of process controlled equipment
  • Documentation available:
The inventor(s)
  • Name(s): Jenő KEMENCKY, Sándor KOMÁROMI, László JUHÁSZ
  • Self introduction:
    Jenő Kemencky; inventor, constructor
    Other inventions: Digital and analog modul system of current circuits; Control circuits for demonstration (exhibition of Genius'96-98); Safety charger for lithium ion accumulator; Normal temperature electron solvation accumulator
    Sándor Komáromi; chemical technician, operator of chemical technology, expert in computer application
    Other inventions: Automatic controlled reaction column for seperation of multiphase systems (eg endotoxin); Web Design Scan System (WDSS); Institute: National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene
    László Juhász; physicist, reactor physicist
    Main field: Carring out evaluation and calculation releated to nuclear fuel cycle; Performing calculationand modelling of radioactive contaminated materials and area; Institute: National Research Institute for Radiobiology and Radiohygiene
The protection
  • Form: Exhibition priority
  • Priority: 04.05.2000
  • Countries where it is force:
Business intention: utilization
  • Name: Sándor Komáromi
  • E-mail: kms@hp.osski.hu
  • Phone: +361- 229-1944/122
  • Address: H-1174 Budapest, Batthyány út 44., Hungary