2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: B-172 Cathegory: B Country: Hungary
IFIS # 22:

1. The Invention

  • The problem to be solved: Wheel balancing weights have been made of lead, and the production, the processing and the waste of this material are dangerous to the health and environment.

  • Definition: A wheel balancing weight for cars that is made of glass.

  • Presentation:


  • Application: It can be used to passenger cars and to trucks as well. The glassweight can be fixed by clips, but first of all by adheshive.
  • Advantages:
    -Producing of glassweight from point of view of health and environment is clearly more favourable to the leadweights. The price of this product is lower.

    Manufacturing of glassweights is now a simple pressing method. Weights can be fitted on different surfaces of tyres.
  • Stage of development: Product.
  • Documentation available: yes.


2. The inventor(s) 

Name: István POLYVÁS

  • Self introdution: Since 25 years he is the only lead wheel balance weight producer in Hungary.

3. The protection

  • Form: Patent pending.
  • Priority: June 27 1997
  • Countries where it is in force: Hungary.

4. Business intention

To find investor, to sell the licence, cooperation, marketing for selling of the product.

5. Contact

Name: István POLYVÁS
Phone/fax: +36 1- 388 9589
Adress: H-1039 Budapest, Attila u 38. Hungary