2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: E-188 Category: E Country: Hungary
Intelligent Shading Roof
The invention
  • The problem to be solved:
    To reduce or eliminate green-house effect in buildings constructed with transparent roof.
  • Definition:
    In a hollow body heat absorbing material is circulated, into which light-absorbing material could be dispersed if necessary. Colour and light absorbing capability of light absorbing material are adjustable.
  • Presentation:
    Multi-layer hollow polycarbonate sheets, built in accordance with the illustration, are filled with liquid mixed with black or colour plastic granules.
    In basic state granules are floating on the top, or sink to the bottom of the liquid and hollow, depending on specific gravity conditions. In this case polycarbonate sheets are transparent.
    But if we make the fluid circulate by a pump granules will make the sheet partly or entirely not transparent, depending on their colour and quantity. Thus the sheet will shade and pre-heat household warm water just like a solar panel.

  • Application:
    Buildig industry
  • Advantages:
    Environment protection: significant energy saving, as under-roof space shouldn’t be cooled.
    Active solar energy utilisation: 0.5 kWh/m2 household warm water can be produced daily.
    Better life quality: Colour and strength of natural light are adjustable as requested.
  • Stage of development:
    Laboratory experiments are completed. I have selected the best heat and light absorbing materials. (There are two colour-changing (“chameleon”) light absorbing materials available at present. A popular application of them would be to manifest the colours of two sport teams during the match on the roof of the stadium.) The best possible circulation conditions in the roof are worked out. Plans of the variations of equipment to select or change the most applicable light absorbing material are completed as well. Pilot tests of that had been carried-out.
  • Documentation available:
    drawings and description are available.
The inventor(s)
  • Name(s): László SÁNDOR
  • Self introduction:
    I am a private inventor working on different technical problems to be solved.
The protection
  • Form: Patent application
  • Priority:
  • Countries where it is force:
Business intention: I am looking for partners for pilot tests.
  • Name: László SÁNDOR
  • E-mail: ecoenerg@matavnet.hu
  • Fax: +36 37-319-430
  • Address: H-3200 Gyöngyös, Berze u 23. Hungary