Dr. András Vedres

PhD in chemistry

Secretary General of the Association of Hungarian Inventors (MAFE)

Higher foreign decorations:
WIPO Gold Medal, Knight, European Order of Knighthood,  Polish Inventor Award,
Croatian Morning Star Award, Officer Cross of Hungarian Order.

Curriculum Vitae 

My family

I was born in Budapest in 1940. My father was a professor, a master of calligraphy, my mother Olga Hart was a technician, my younger brother a professor-nature lover, writer and journalist. All of them had deceased by now.

My wife Maria Kozma is a chemical engineer, we have two sons Balázs Vedres dr., economist-sociologist, PhD student, Columbia Univestity (New York City), and Dániel Vedres   inventor, a musician, he is graduated (in Dresden, Germany) horn player.

My studies

I went to a Budapest high school, then in 1963 I have graduated in chemistry at the ELTE TTK. I have a secondary degree in intellectual property law. I have a degree from the College of Physical Education as a sailing boat trainer.

I was a PhD candidate (medical chemistry), I have received my PhD in 1985. Ukrainian Academy of Science elected me as a full member (2013).

My career

I worked at research laboratories of pharmaceutical companies (EGIS, Richter Rt.) between 1963-1991.

I have participated in developing some Hungarian medicines. I am a multiple inventor (21 patents), I have a number of publications in pharmaceutical chemistry. My career in chemistry was terminated by a chemical accident in 1989.

After the political transition I was a consultant for the Independent Smallholders' Party's president (1990-1992), then I participated in organizing Duna Television (the first Hungarian satellite channel) as the first secretary general of Hungaria Television Foundation (1992-93). Presently I am a freelancer intellectual.

I have initiated the formation of the Association of Hungarian Inventors (1989), I am the secretary general from the beginning.

I have organized the Hungarian Fair of Inventions in 1991, for the first time after the world war II., where there were almost 500 inventions presented. In 1996, the year of the Millecentenarium of the Hungarians settled in the Carpathian Basin, I have organized GENIUS 96 series of events. There were 22 countries present on these events with more than 300 000 visitors.

I was an organizer of the First World Meeting of Inventors in 1998. In this framework WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has organized a symposium about the use of information technology in inventing, and IFIA have organized its general assembly in Budapest. The First Inventors Olympic Games was also organized within this world meeting.

I have organized the Second Inventors Olympic Games in May 2000 in Budapest, where there were 439 inventions presented by inventors from 32 countries.

I have won the title "the inventor of the year" in 2000 (invention "Eco-yacht") and  in 2003 (Bicikle with air motor).
I have a book published with the title "Sprig of Spirit"
in Hungarian and English as well. This is my first book published by Terc Publisher on the 8th of December 2000. The book is about the Hungarian geniuses of the 20th century.

I was the president of National Society of People with Multiple Sclerosis - Hungary (SMBOE) between 2003 and 2006).

The International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA) elected me for its President for two periods (2006 - 2010 and  2010-2014).

I am a sailing yacht racer and trainer (between 1954 and 1987).

My honours

I have won the WIPO Gold Medal (1996), I was conferred to become knight of the European Order of Knighthood (1995), I became knight of the Belgian Royal Knighthood of Inventors (1992) and later the officer rank (1998), commander rank (2004) of this knighthood.

I am the Grand Master of the Internetional Order of Merit of the Inventors.

The Prime Minister of Poland decorated me with highest Polish Inventor Award (2006). The President of Croatia decorated me with Order of Croatian Morning Star with Nicola Tesla's portrait (2011).

I was awarded Gagarin Medal (2007) and Keldish Medal (2012) by Cosmonautics Federation of Russia for the popularize of scientific and technical results. I have won "ВО БЛАГО РОССИИ" award (2010).

The President of Hungary decorated me with "Officer Cross of Hungarian Order" for the assistant of the realization of the EU Patent system (2011).

Further decorations and honours: medal of the Hungarian Patent Office (1991), Jedlik Ányos Award (2007), Henri Coanda Gold Medal (1994, Rumania), Interprom medal (1995, Poland), Humanitarian Prize (1995, USA), Ukrainian Academy of Science's Gold-medal (2012).

Dr. András Vedres

E-mail: vedres@inventor.hu