András Vedres, MAFE Secretary General and IFIA President's
70th birthday celebration

The Celebration

This birthday celebration was organized together the 20th jubilee of the Association of Hungarian Inventors (MAFE) found in Budapest on 29 January 2010.

The main guest were the delegation of the Hungarian Patent Office with Miklós Bendzsel President and  János Bolyky Vice-president  (Hungarian Association for Innovation), Gusztáv Vékás Member of Presidium (Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright) and Balogh Gyula President (American Hungarian Club) and  Zsuzsanna Dreiszinger  Co-President. The Representatives of the IFIA members were Béla Boros (Ausztrália) and Khaled Nashwan Coordinator of  IFIA Arab Network .


Miklós Bendzsel  and János Bolyky



Gyula Balogh  and the participants


Csaba Szántay, Member of Hungarian Academy of Science was the mentor of András Vedres from 1968 when he prepared his PhD dissertation. The they were engaged in pharmaceutical research work together to 1990. Professor Szántay said the professional appreciation of Mr. Vedres. 

Csaba Szántay, Member of Hungarian Academy of Science



Ferenc Nagy editor chief  - László Rossu László and Mihail  Sepetyko dr. Hungarian inventors



Béla Boros  (Ausztrália) and Khaled Nashwan  dr. (Jemen) the IFIA representors


A phone calling was came from Vladimir Petriasev (the IFIA leader in Moscow) during the celebration. Mr. Petriasev informed everybody that the Russian Federation  awards  „For Benefit of Russia"  recognition to Mr. András Vedres András, the IFIA President for his international work in the field of protection of intellectual property.


András Vedres András and "ВО БЛАГО РОССИИ" award