4th GENIUS - International Invention Exhibition

 5 -7 April 2002

Budapest, II. Budakeszi út 77.
Eco-apartment House

Message of Farag Moussa, IFIA President

A brief report

 The Association of Hungarian Inventors organized and presented the IV. GENIUS International Invention Exhibition during 5-7 April 2002 at the Eco-Apartment complex. More than 300 inventions were displayed from 80 countries.

The protection of the environment and the IFIA-IFIS inventions received special attentions.

The Mayor of Budapest Mr. Gábor Demszky opened the exhibition in the presence of State Secretary Mrs. Ilona Boda, several public figures and numerous invited guests.

From the Hungarian news media there were 5 TV and 7 radio stations as well as 8 daily newspapers who reported detailed information of this event. The MAFE’s advertising campaign has also effectively invited thousands of interested spectators.

 International exhibitors

The organizers have showed on computers and on nearly one hundred colored posters the IFIS inventions. The MAFE has provided free stands to all exhibitors and accommodations for the foreign participants. Fifty-four individuals took advantage of this generous offer.

Besides the IFIS inventors Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Poland Yugoslavia and the USA have sent representatives to the IV. GENIUS.

 Home topics

Members of MAFE exhibited more than two hundred inventions and displayed these items at the Eco-Apartment complex, which in itself is a new Hungarian invention. The display stands used for all exhibitors were also a new Hungarian invention.

 Prizes (honorarium)

Jury members were selected from city, town and village leaders, High School teachers and patent lawyers. The chairmanship of the Jury included Mr. Csaba Szántay President of MAFE and members: Mr. János Bodrácska General, His Excellency Antal Eszterházy Prince and Mr. Gábor Székely Economist.

The Jury recorded the results and the chairmanship awarded the prizes according
to individual standings. There were 3 WIPO Gold Medals, 2 GENIUS Distinguished Grand Prizes, 12 GENIUS Grand Prizes, 4 Jerome Cups, 11 Special prizes and 110 GENIUS Prizes.

 Award Ceremony

Just prior to the presentation of the awards Dr. Farag Moussa President of IFIA and Mr. György B. Bencze Mayor of 2nd District of Budapest opened the Eco-Apartment complex in a ribbon cutting ceremony. Many public representatives and 600 guests were present. This event was followed by a “Bio-fashion” show. The presentation of awards as the highlight of the evening concluded these activities. Dinner and fireworks closed this special occasion.

 Other on going activities

Business meetings were held with Mr. Péter Spányik Deputy Director General of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency. More than a dozen innovative enterprises were discussed.

A virtual conference on environmental protection received fifty presentations these were published on the Internet (http://www.ceco.inf.hu).

A computerized children drawings competition on the environment and nature received 167 creations from Hungary and other countries. Prizes were awarded and all of the children who participated have received a letter of commendation.


The IV. GENIUS was supported by the following organizations and individuals:

 Ministry of Economy – Széchenyi Plan: 22 000 USD

Hungarian Patent office: 7 400 USD

Danubia Patent Attorneys Office 1 800 USD

SBG&K Patent Attorneys Office 1 800 USD

Mr. András Vedres and his family: 26 000 USD


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