10. 11, 12 March - Paris

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Ezt a kiállítás a francia főváros környékén működő feltaláló-szervezet, az UFI/FNAFI rendezte Párizs "Cité de Sciences" elnevezésű híres tudományos-technikai múzeumában. A bemutatón 54 francia találmány szerepelt, 7 témát Romániából mutattak be. A MAFE 24 találmányt állított ki (listát lásd alább).

A témákat egy nagy létszámú francia zsűri értékelte. A magyar feltalálók a következő díjakat nyerték:

Medaille d' honneur (Union Francaise des Inventeurs)

Khaled Nashwan dr.: Érszűkület kezelő készülék

Román aranyérem (különdíj)

Horváth István dr.: Művér


Szöllősy János, Gasparics Antal és Farkas Tibor: Nem roncsoló anyagvizsgálat mágneses térrel


Gara Péter, Hollósi Domonkos: Papír bili

Szőcs István: Tartálytűz oltó rendszer


Baricz István: Szellőző cipő



"Cité de Sciences" kívülről és a belső fogadó tér



A MAFE stand Párizsban



Az M2I zsűrije valamit az UFI és a FNAFI elnökei


A bemutatott magyar találmányok


Baricz István: Shoe sole mechanism

The new invention differs from the other existing technologies. It doesn’t use body weight – as existing technologies do - to trigger circulation, but it uses the upwards movement of the shoe heel. While stepping, the heel of the shoe begins to move upwards and the whole body weight is concentrated on the front part of the shoe. During this process air is channeled through small valves to the front part of the shoe through the toes from a small air-bag, integrated in the heel part.


Csobán, Zoltán: Battery Discharger and Capacity Measure Set

The invention is suitable for the registration and use of changes between the in-charge and post-charge conditions from any battery charger for the control of the battery discharger and capacity measure set. With a voltage switch circuit, switch off the power of the fast charger and establish contact with the battery discharger and capacity measure device, than, as a consequence of the user’s choose, automatically switch off from the device and make contact with the fart charger again. Apart this method, the invention can measure the capacity of the batteries by a mathematic relation, which executed with an electrical method (without the use of micro controller or microprocessor).


Csorba, József: Pressed sewerage system

The invented plastic drain shaft with a special pump and the Y-profile installed in the sewerage with specific air eye on tube wall altogether guarantees an odorless fast move of sewage-water without pumping it backwards. The references are more than hundred Hungarian settlements.


Deme, Miklósné: Use of sour cherry stones

The cherry stones vas boiled in salt water. The treated stones are starting materials at different fields: decoration, filler-material, sound and heat isolators etc.


Gara, Péter - Hollósi, Domonkos: Disposable paperboard potty

Disposable potty for children, the potty made of paperboard, with a special die-cutted form, pre-folded and packed.


Hidvégi, Valéria: Puzzle toys kit

The toy kit consists of elements of varied shapes, which ensure possibilities for establishing several combinations by selecting the elements the dimension and shape of which suit the given basic dimension. The elements can be fitted to each other in many combinations due to their shapes. The elements are fixed by magnetic force.

Horváth, István dr.: Artificial blood

The starting material is the isolated animal hemoglobin which is bonded to pure cholesterolmicrocapsule”. This is a solid material which is dissolved in physiological solution before the application. The animal hemoglobin gives opportunity in unlimited quantities; the cholesterol microcapsule” is giving real blood effects and long life in the circulation. On the basis of preliminary in vitro and in vivo examination, the artificial blood can satisfy all requirements.


Khaled Nashwan dr.: Device for treating patients afflicted with angiopathy by sound waves

The new device produces a mixture of infrasound, audible sound and ultrasound waves (1 Hz – 100 kHz) with intensity 0.06 W/cm2. These sound waves are affected blood vessels by a special piezo-electronic head and by means of a gel and heat 30-45C.


Kálmán, Dániel: Mobilisation of soil-bound Phosphorus for plants

The process applies a special preparation of micro-organisms (bacteria), which shall be mixed into the soil. The result is that the soil-bound Phosphorus is digested and converted into soluble form, which can be taken up by the plants.


Kiss, Lukács: Inhaler against allergy

This is an 11 x 5 cm cylindrical turning round frame with one incoming and one outgoing slot. Space between the multi-layer filters is filled by a special salt mixture, sufficient for 3-4 years.


Kecskés, Mihály – Berta, Ferenc: Precatalytic Converter

This device is built in the fuel supply system of a vehicle. It is a special tube shape unit with 2 ingoing and 1 outgoing aperture include permanent magnets and mixing elements. The precatalytic converter catalyses fuel in its liquid form before it has been burnt resulting: 70% decrease in pollution emission and a 5-15% less fuel consumption depending on engine (both diesel and petrol).


Kovács, Zoltán – Feicht, Zoltán: Image based navigation system for mobile phones

The technology transforms mobile phones into a special navigation system, which works with digital images: users enter a destination and the data of the calculated route are transmitted back to their mobile phones as a sequence of digital images. The images are supported with additional visual information (arrows showing the direction etc.) The technology allows mobile phones with a camera and a colour display to connect to the central system.


Kovácsné-Rápolti, Gabriella: Volatile-oil medicine

The volatile-oil (lavender, menthe, citrus etc.) is dissolved in edible oil. Capsules are made in usual ways which are contain this oil mixture. This capsules or their combination are oral applied according to different therapy.


Mikola, Andor: Mobil apparatus for recycling dangerous metallic wastes 

The apparatus consists: a milling device, mixer for mixing of glass powder, and a heater (850 C˚. This apparatus is built in a truck.


Murlasits, Attila: Remote control with pointer

The invention is a controlling system for operating electrical consumers.The remote control unit radiates signs that can be focused (for example laser) and diffused (for example: radio). The controlled device can be activated by the focused beam. The controlling can be done by the diffused signals.


Nádas, Béla dr.: Counter-piston mechanism

The invented counter-piston mechanism makes also possible the perfect, vibration free operation of engines having two or four pistons and the easy, momentary variation of stroke length (travel) of the pistons during operation.

Nádas, Béla dr.: Rotator mechanism

This is suitable for the coupling of two shafts that are in parallel to each other or in any angular position with respect to each other and, where the angular velocity of the driving and driven shaft is always the same, while their direction of rotation can be arbitrary.


Nyakas, Gábor – Gergely, Judit: Anti-slipping decoration

A new material that can be burned at high temperatures on the surface of any glass, ceramics, porcelain and fired enamel articles, tiles and sanitary ware, to be used for creating a non-slipping cover layer of any shape, color and size, even for color picture decorations.


Osbáth, Sándor – Zalai, Tibor: Traffic speed meter with analyst

This system consist a speed detector by radar to display the speed connecting a microcomputer which stores the data of time, number of vehicles, speed etc. These data are transfer to a central computer for statistical evaluation of the traffic dynamism.


Osbáth, Sándor – Zalai, Tibor: Traffic sign system for danger 

This system consists of two LED operated traffic signs. The first sign has a height, and width sensor, which controls the operation of second sign by wireless connection.


Ökrös, Pál: Fully electronic grey-water reusing washing machine

The filtered and disinfected “Grey Water” (water from washing machine and bath/shower) is pumped by the stronger than usual washer pump(s) into the “Grey Water” tank built in one body with the washer, from where it is used to flush the toilet.


Rusai, László - Haranghy, Csaba and their colleagues (Waterworks of Budapest Co. Ltd.): Mobile water purifying plant for catastrophic situations.

The plant is installed into 8 containers (80x120x130 cm), it is possible to transport by plane. The equipment can use fresh water of any kind of contamination as basic material except for sea water. The capacity of the water treatment equipment is 80-100 thousands litres per day, which equals the daily consumption of a town with a population of 50 thousands people. The water unsuitable for human consumption goes through a biological micro-filter after a several-step mechanical pre-filtering, which filters every microbiological and organic contamination with a grain size lager than 0.2 micron. The equipment fertilizes the water treated this way by a way of ultraviolet radiation.


Szőcs, István: Automatic fire fighting apparatus 

The automatically operated foam based fire extinguishing equipment embodying the invention has a tank, a unit for spreading the fire extinguishing foam, a pipeline and a main valve fitted into the pipeline, as well as a sensor, and the essence of the invention is that the tank is a foam tank having a gas space, and it  stores the foam generating material, the water, and the compressed mixture of foam generating and propelling gas, which is dissolved or emulsifiable in the solution of the said foam generating material and water.


Szőllősy, János – Gasparics, Antal – Farkas, Tibor: Nondestructive 3D Testing

Magnetic probe combined with optical mouse. The applied magnetic image processing technique can produce three-dimensional maps of the different material defects. The equipment is suitable for inspection of mechanical parts and structural elements on the spot.