Mosztár, 2006. április 4-8.


A MAFE bemutatója

A Mosztári Nemzetközi Vásár Bosznia-Hercegovina legrangosabb üzleti eseménye,  500 kiállító mutatkozott be itt több mint 40.000 látogató előtt. 2006-ban Magyarország vendég országként, kiemelt partnerként vett részt a kiállításon.

A magyar bemutatót a Mac Line Kft. (Szeged) szervezte. Ez a cég az állami támogatásból lehetővé tette számunkra, hogy a közös magyar standon 17 új találmány alapján gyártott termékkel illetve szolgáltatással, eljárással szerepeljünk.

A magyar stand látványterve


A MAFE vezetősége jutalmul eddigi sikeres szereplésükért az alábbi témák bemutatkozását szervezete meg:



This is a plastic clip, which has a great flexibility and adequate strength to keep together paired socks, without damaging the wash machine or during drying.



With the help of the level-regulator installed in a tap, the required level can be set easily, fast, simply with one single movement. When the water level reaches the switch-ball - which was pulled to the required height on the suspender - the level-regulator closes the water automatically.



This is a cube, which comprises different colored little cubes and one free space. The player can rearrange the little cubes according a logical system as like the Rubic-cube.


Csobán, Zoltán: Battery Discharger and Capacity Measure Set

The invention is suitable for the registration and use of changes between the in-charge and post-charge conditions from any battery charger for the control of the battery discharger and capacity measure set. With a voltage switch circuit, switch off the power of the fast charger and establish contact with the battery discharger and capacity measure device, than, as a consequence of the user’s choose, automatically switch off from the device and make contact with the fart charger again. Apart this method, the invention can measure the capacity of the batteries by a mathematic relation, which executed with an electrical method (without the use of micro controller or microprocessor).


Deme, Miklósné: Use of sour cherry stones

The cherry stones vas boiled in salt water. The treated stones are starting materials at different fields: decoration, filler-material, sound and heat isolators etc.


Dézsi, István – Kecskés, Melinda: Spongy dice (TREXI)

The spongy dice consists of same and flexible elements, which contains small object of aim in the hollows. These object smaller than the measurement of the hollows and can available every side of the cube.



The invention is based on the recognition that the carefully chosen type of sports tennis-ball of good quality is a light, ball-shaped, dynamically flexible, heavy-duty massage element with a particular touch.


Gyarmathyné, Nemes Erzsébet dr.: Salt mixture of low sodium content

VIVEGA is a preparation of common salt having sodium of 17 % only The salt in the product is supplemented by different potassium and magnesium compounds, in nearly equal quantities furthermore by vegetables and spices.


Hidvégi, Valéria: Puzzle toys kit

The toy kit consists of elements of varied shapes, which ensure possibilities for establishing several combinations by selecting the elements the dimension and shape of which suit the given basic dimension. The elements can be fitted to each other in many combinations due to their shapes. The elements are fixed by magnetic force.



The ticks spread serious diseases (tick-encephalitis, tularaemia, Q-fever etc.)The methods for removing of tick cause these iatrogenic infections. During the removal out the tick spits saliva containing micro-organisms into the sting-channel due to the trauma. The ticks can be removed from human and animal skin with the invented tick removal spoon unhurt, without any trauma. The tick-removing spoon must be destroyed together with the tick (burned). Advantages: This method of removal is free from infections, tick-removing spoon is cheap and whoever can use it.


Kiss, Lukács: Inhaler against allergy

This is an 11 x 5 cm cylindrical turning round frame with one incoming and one outgoing slot. Space between the multi-layer filters is filled by a special salt mixture, sufficient for
3-4 years.


Kecskés, Mihály – Berta, Ferenc: Precatalytic Converter

This device is built in the fuel supply system of a vehicle. It is a special tube shape unit with 2 ingoing and 1 outgoing aperture include permanent magnets and mixing elements. The precatalytic converter catalyses fuel in its liquid form before it has been burnt resulting: 70% decrease in pollution emission and a 5-15% less fuel consumption depending on engine (both diesel and petrol).


Kovácsné-Rápolti, Gabriella: Volatile-oil medicine

The volatile-oil (lavender, menthe, citrus etc.) is dissolved in edible oil. Capsules are made in usual ways which are contain this oil mixture. This capsules or their combination are oral applied according to different therapy.


Nádas, Béla dr.: Rotator mechanism

This is suitable for the coupling of two shafts that are in parallel to each other or in any angular position with respect to each other and, where the angular velocity of the driving and driven shaft is always the same, while their direction of rotation can be arbitrary.


Nyakas, Gábor – Gergely, Judit: Anti-slipping decoration

A new material that can be burned at high temperatures on the surface of any glass, ceramics, porcelain and fired enamel articles, tiles and sanitary ware, to be used for creating a non-slipping cover layer of any shape, color and size, even for color picture decorations.


Rusai, László - Haranghy, Csaba and their colleagues (Waterworks of Budapest Co. Ltd.): Mobile water purifying plant for catastrophic situations.

The plant is installed into 8 containers (80x120x130 cm), it is possible to transport by plane. The equipment can use fresh water of any kind of contamination as basic material except for sea water. The capacity of the water treatment equipment is 80-100 thousands litres per day, which equals the daily consumption of a town with a population of 50 thousands people. The water unsuitable for human consumption goes through a biological micro-filter after a several-step mechanical pre-filtering, which filters every microbiological and organic contamination with a grain size lager than 0.2 micron. The equipment fertilizes the water treated this way by a way of ultraviolet radiation.



This is a tropical plant containing materials, which have biological activities as antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, antiinfalmator, and analgesic effect. Present invention is a method to produce of tea, cream gel and balm containing of these alkaloids.