2006. február 7-10.

VI. Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investmets




Beszámoló a MAFE szerepléséről

  A MAFE tíz találmánnyal szerepelt Oroszország legnagyobb szabású innovációs eseményén, ahol közel ötszáz műszaki alkotást mutattak be. Az eseményen megjelent több miniszter, számos üzletember és sok látogató.



MAFE stand Moszkvában


A. A. Furszenko Tudományos és Oktatási Miniszter megnyitója


Miniszteri látogatás a magyar standon



Az orosz tv és a moszkvai rádió riportokat készített velünk


Érdeklődők a forgalom analizátor iránt


A díjakról

A zsűri 8 érmet, és két elismerő diplomát ítélt a magyar találmányoknak az alábbiak szerint:


Elismerő diploma:

Kovácsné-Rápolti, Gabriella: Volatile-oil medicine

The volatile-oil (lavender, menthe, citrus etc.) is dissolved in edible oil. Capsules are made in usual ways which are contain this oil mixture. This capsules or their combination are oral applied according to different therapy.

Sebestyén, Vilmos: Electrical toothbrush

An electric motor rotates a special brush head, which is consist of spiral oriented bristles. The half part of the brush head is protected by a cover. The power of electric motor and rotating direction are variable.


Horváth, István dr.: Artificial blood

The starting material is the isolated animal hemoglobin which is bonded to pure cholesterolmicrocapsule”. This is a solid material which is dissolved in physiological solution before the application. The animal hemoglobin gives opportunity in unlimited quantities; the cholesterol microcapsule” is giving real blood effects and long life in the circulation. On the basis of preliminary in vitro and in vivo examination, the artificial blood can satisfy all requirements.

 Kiss, Lukács: Inhaler against allergy

This is an 11 x 5 cm cylindrical turning round frame with one incoming and one outgoing slot. Space between the multi-layer filters is filled by a special salt mixture, sufficient for 3-4 years.

 Nádas, Béla dr.: Counter-piston mechanism

The invented counter-piston mechanism makes also possible the perfect, vibration free operation of engines having two or four pistons and the easy, momentary variation of stroke length (travel) of the pistons during operation.

Ökrös, Pál: Fully electronic grey-water reusing washing machine

The filtered and disinfected “Grey Water” (water from washing machine and bath/shower) is pumped by the stronger than usual washer pump(s) into the “Grey Water” tank built in one body with the washer, from where it is used to flush the toilet.

The grey-water tank is provided at different heights with water sensors indicating scaled grey-water quantities, and the smaller clean-water tank inside the grey-water tank (for secondary flushing) is also provided at different heights with water sensors indicating scaled clean-water quantities, which water sensors send signals to the central electronic control unit of the washing machine, and the control unit, on basis of the water sensor signals regulates the electromagnetic grey-water and clean water valves mounted onto the grey-water pipe connecting the grey-water tank to the toilet, and onto the clean-water pipe connecting the clean-water tank to the toilet bowl, respectively, by opening and closing said valves, in harmony, according to a predetermined operating program, satisfying the timely flushing quantity needs. The floating buoys as mechanical parts can be eliminated, or can be left in space for secondary security system, to overcome electronic problems and/or eventual power cut, ensuring the flawless operation of the flushing system.


Csorba, József: Pressed sewerage system

The invented plastic drain shaft with a special pump and the Y-profile installed in the sewerage with specific air eye on tube wall altogether guarantees an odorless fast move of sewage-water without pumping it backwards. The references are more than hundred Hungarian settlements.

 Osbáth, Sándor – Zalai, Tibor: Traffic speed meter with analyst

This system consist a speed detector by radar to display the speed connecting a microcomputer which stores the data of time, number of vehicles, speed etc. These data are transfer to a central computer for statistical evaluation of the traffic dynamism.


Hidvégi, Valéria: Puzzle toys kit

The toy kit consists of elements of varied shapes, which ensure possibilities for establishing several combinations by selecting the elements the dimension and shape of which suit the given basic dimension. The elements can be fitted to each other in many combinations due to their shapes. The elements are fixed by magnetic force.

 Szőcs, István: Automatic fire fighting apparatus 

The automatically operated foam based fire extinguishing equipment embodying the invention has a tank, a unit for spreading the fire extinguishing foam, a pipeline and a main valve fitted into the pipeline, as well as a sensor, and the essence of the invention is that the tank is a foam tank having a gas space, and it  stores the foam generating material, the water, and the compressed mixture of foam generating and propelling gas, which is dissolved or emulsifiable in the solution of the said foam generating material and water.