VEDRES, András dr. - Gágyor, János - Szöllősy, János  Bicycle with compressed-air motor
1. The invention:  Bicycle with compressed-air motor
  • The problem solved:  Full environmental solution for second driving of bikes  
  • Definition:  The invention is a standard bicycle that is equipped with a compressed-air motor type auxiliary drive. The driving energy, the compressed air, required for one day average use is stored in a tank. No harmful emission is produced during the operation of the motor.


  • Presentation:  The air motor (Innofluid, 200W, vane type) is connected to the first wheal of a regular bicycle with transmission and free wheal mechanism. The compressed air is storage in a carbon fibre full wrap composite cylinder (9 litres, 300 bars; The working press is 6,3 bars. The compressed air driving is used if the force of pedaling is insufficient. The range of compressed air driving without pedaling is 5 kilometers.



  • Application: Cycling 
  • Advantages: environmental, simple solution
  • Stage of development:  prototype


  • Available documentation: description

2. The inventors:  

  • Names: VEDRES, András dr. - Gágyor, János - Szöllősy, János
  • Introduction:  They are leader of Association of Hungarian Inventors

3. The protection: 

  • Form:  patent application (P0300229)
  • Priority: 28. 01, 2003.
  • Countries: 
  • Owner of patent: Inventors

4. Business purpose:  licensing

5. Contact: 

  • Name:  Dr. Vedres András
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +361 220 3040
  • Telephone:  +361 220 3040
  • Address:  H-1141 Budapest, Öv u. 95/a