2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: F-151 Category: F Country: Hungary
IFIS # 13:

1. The Invention

  • The problem to be solved: To establish coupling between two shafts being in different angular position.

  • Definition: The invention is an "angular coupling" that contains neither a toothed wheel nor flexible components that can be deformed. The transference of the rotary motion is effected through transmission arms.

  • Presentation: The scissors-arm type shaft coupling is suitable for the transmission of the rotary motion from one shaft to an other one that may have any angular position with respect to each other. Its construction differs from the usual "angular couplings" because it does not contain toothed wheel. In contrary to other similar purpose shaft coupling designs it does not contain components that are flexible or can be deformed. It does not change the drive ratio but its construction makes the ramification of the transmission chain possible. The constant load transmission is assured through the precisely guided arms, even if no oil lubrication is used.
  • Application: In the fields of the mechanical engineering it is a basic requirement to modify the angular direction of the rotary motion of transmission. In addition to the elimination of use of toothed wheels its dimensioning facilities and lubrication properties can extend its field of application.
  • Advantages: The main advantages are the "undemanding" lubrication, the favourable dimensioning of the transmission torque and the high precision, synchronous transmission of the rotary motion transmission between the coupled shafts.
  • Stage of development: Prototype.
  • Documentation available: yes.


2. The inventor(s) 

  Name: Dr. Béla NÁDAS

  • Self introdution: The inventor lives in Budapest, aged 46, specialist in internal medicine. As a hobby he is interested in and deals with technical questions and mechanical engineering.

3. The protection

  • Form: patent application
  • Priority: 31 March. 1999.
  • Countries where it is in force:

4. Business intention

Co-operating and/or finding investment partner and selling the patent rights.

5. Contact

Name: Dr. Béla NÁDAS
Adress: Budai Nagy Antal u. 6., 1137 Budapest, Hungary