2nd Inventors' Olympiad - GENIUS 2000 Budapest, Virtual Exhibition

Registry number: A/2-197 Category: A/2 Country: Hungary
Variable modular footwear insole system
The invention
  • The problem to be solved:
    Treat the orthopedic deformities of the foot. The insole is custom made, it’s size and elasticity varies. With the insole one can also achieve the well known acupressure effect on the corresponding pressure areas of the foot.
  • Definition:
    Orthopedic insole made out of silicon type elastic material, with individually sized and located arch supports and load distributing areas, inserted into a leather cover for easy removal and readjustment, if needed.
  • Presentation:
    This invention, an active therapeutical auxiliary, can be used with excellent results in different fields of the orthopaedic and also as a natural healing methods, as well as by people with healthy feet for convenience, regardless of age or sex.

    The foot-support family S I M A S Z consists of quickly realisable, freely variable, module-type supports, composed of selectively elastic brace elements. After an accurate optical measuring of the foot-characteristics, the foot-support can be produced individually and its adjustment may be modified any time, within some seconds. Optimal adjusting of the foot-support is enabled by a special, multifunctional computer-aided professional foot diagnostic and measure analysing system.

    Its structural solutions, the specially formed elements of selective elasticity, enable the use of the foot-support with success even in the most advanced stages of the orthopaedic foot therapy. The variation possibilities of the foot-support allow a continuous, multiple-stage therapy, adjusted to the actual stage of the illness.

    By selectively positioning single units of special shape and different elasticity of the element-set, the foot-support is suited for illness-oriented reflextherapy, enabling aimed zone-therapic treatment.

    The foot-support prepared within some minutes is light, attractive and it can be used practically in any type of sport, orthopaedic or leisure shoes.

  • Application:
    Fitting for the particular patient is individual and rapid, the setting can be adjusted by the patient later, if necessary. It helps to relieve the pain and pressure in cases of flatfoot, hallux valgus, calcaneal spur, overriding toes.
  • Advantages:
    Compared to the various other types of insoles it does not require the traditional manufacturing time, workshop and cost; it can be fitted and adjusted in the office or clinic according to the diagnosis and the patient’s demands.
  • Stage of development:
    The system can be fitted into a factory shoe, such a way an extremely convenient and the same time cheap footware can be devised. Computer aided size evaluation and manufacturing based on stereometric analysis is under way.
  • Documentation available:
The inventor(s)
  • Name(s): Balázs SIPOS

  • Self introduction:
    Being slightly disabled myself I devised this system primarily for my own purposes. Having gained good experience I have been working in this field for 7 years, developing a convenient and useful preventive – therapeutic system for foot pain and deformities.
The protection
  • Form:
  • Priority:
  • Countries where it is force:
Business intention: To distribute the SIMASZ footwear system all over the country. To regain the support of the National Health Insurance Office. To enter the international market. To develop the computer sampling and manufacoring system.
  • Name: Balazs Sipos
  • E-mail: simasz@matavnet.hu
  • Fax: +361- 407 0773
  • Address: H-1163 Budapest, Kolozs u 45 , Hungary