3rd International Fair of Inventions and Industrial Design Exhibition

Gdansk (Poland), 11-13 October 2000.

There were 115 inventions (37 exhibitors from Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Czech Republic).
The organisation and the conditions were good. Number of visitors was moderate, a lot of student and few businessmen.
Interest of media was excellent.
Hungarian participation was reported by TVN news and two illustrated articles on daily newspaper.

Hungarian booth was awarded by “Cup for the best presentation”.

MAFE awarded Tomasz Szymanski and Kazimierz Gawron Polish inventors with Genius-medal for their excellent inventions.


Exhibited by MAFE, and prizes:

  1. Ablonczy Dániel: Logical toy
  2. Balogh András:Multifunctional cardboard storage system
  3. Farkas Lajos: Massage device from balls /Silver medal/
  4. Homoki-Nagy Gergely: Disposable toilet brush
  5. Kákonyi Árpád: Condom with active surface inside
  6. Kálmán Dániel : Mobilisation of soil-bound phosphorous for plants
  7. Kálmán László: Bio-protection for plants "Biokál"
  8. Kiscsák Róbert: Water utilisation in farms
  9. Lugosi István dr.: Eatable letters on apple
  10. Maly Róbert: Statues for toys /Bronz medal/
  11. Sándor László : Connectors easy to unplug /Bronz medal/
  12. Tóth Ferenc dr.: Plant protection with spiders /Cup of creativity/
  13. Török Norbert: Bicycle parking system
  14. Vedres András dr.: Eco yacht
  15. The "GENIUS 2000" MAFE offers on computer
  16. The "IFIS" offers on computer

Sponsored the MAFE's show by:

The Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers